Why can u b patient like this,Aummy!! Why do u have to b patient wz many discourage words from him? I asked myself many times. U all may wonder and question same mine. I will tell u all( I actually would like to tell him although he won’t acknowledge at all) the true and most important thing is I love him so much… It seems unreasonable but it’s the truth. Today, I called him but his voice was very aggressive. I tried to do everything better, I had tried since 14Jan08 but nothing’s good. all time, he always said something hurt me. Today, while I talked to him, he got mad on me and said whether u gave me a call for complaint, don’t call me anymore and if u don’t understand me, don’t call me!! what do I do something wrong too much? it’s too much, u can forgive me? I don’t understand..he acted to me like he never care, never love me at all. Will there be someone can pull me up the lake of sorrow?  help me plz….
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One Response to Discouragement…

  1. Javier says:

    sorry, aum, don`t worry be happy

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