For a week that I couldnot terminate him from my mind and still had waited him until he would come back. But there was no any respond from his end. I think I tried to do it my best, tried to do everything for him, tried to make him satisfy all the time. But it seems useless and not enough, he never looked at the things that I did. Most of my friends told me I should stop doing anything for him and let him go from now on. I couldnot do that until today. There were something made me hurt yesterday by his acting. He showed me that he didn’t care and want to contact me anymore. I started crying, crying and called to Ning, my best friend. She said it’s so strange but anyway let him go. This is good for u like Bee said @ Pattaya. So today, I think it was completed by myself. It’s clear enough to keep going on without him. I made it absolutely completed by sending sms to him for asking why u didn’t tell me the truth? u r cruel so much. That’s it! I won’t wait u to complete all. I don’t wanna know everthing about u, don’t wanna know why u do like this or why u quited with me by unreasonable. Never get mad on u at all. Just hope u r happy with the way u choosed. At least, you have made me happy when we spent the time together although it’s short time too much. From now on, I will think about Nepal Trip only since there are many things that I have to prepare. The original Aummy is comming back sooooooooooon………. where will I go next trip? I’m trying to keep busy….for stopping to think of u. Pls ignore my previous wording that I have always said …
"My heArt beloNgs to u Na ja".
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